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Valtrex is an antiviral medicine which reduces growth of herpes. It is used for treating herpes infection like shingles, genital herpes and cold sores. Valtrex is used only in patients more than 12 years of age. It is also used for children affected with chicken pox.

The generic name of Valtrex is Valacyclovir. There are a lot of companies which sell the generic form of the drug in different forms. You should always stick with manufacturers who are approved by FDA. Do not pick up a generic drug just because it is cheap. Only a high-quality generic drug has equivalent effectiveness as the brand drug.

Drug data

Do not take Valtrex without consulting a doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The drug passes into breast milk and will affect the child. Valtrex is not known to affect unborn fetus. Moreover, genital herpes should be avoided during pregnancy. It is better to leave this decision to your gynecologist.

When a symptom appears, you should consume Valtrex for the full prescription time. You should not stop the drug if your symptoms improve before the prescription time limit. Stopping drugs would cause the virus to become resistant to the drug.


Valtrex is used primarily in treating different forms of the herpes virus or varicella zoster. This virus can manifest itself in both adults and children. The virus itself cannot be eliminated and it always remains dormant in the body unless triggered.

The conditions for which Valtrex may be used are chicken pox, cold sores on the mouth and genitals, and shingles. What the drug really does is reduce the amount of cold sores that appear on the skin and also the frequency.

Valtrex also used to speed up the healing process when these symptoms appear. The virus itself can be easily passed on from one person to another when it is active and if there is any contact with the infected person.

Consumption of Valtrex in a timely manner would be the most effective way to control the sores. It is usually taken for the entire course prescribed even if the appearances of symptoms have improved.


Valtrex is available as capsule-shaped tablets in the dosage strengths of 500 mg and 1 g.

The common dosage of Valtrex for adults is 2g for every 12 hours. For genital herpes, 1g for every 12 hours for 10 days is the recommended dose. This dosage can vary from one individual to another. You should always stick to dosage recommended by your doctor.

The precise dosage that is prescribed for the condition being treated should be taken without making any changes to you. Digressing from the dosage instructions will not help as the potency of the drug in controlling the virus may not be as effective.

The first dose of Valtrex should be taken as soon as the first symptoms of cold sores or shingles are felt, like tingling and burning in the usual problem areas. Keep the lesions cool and dry without irritating it further for faster healing. Drink plenty of water.

Side effects

The drug can cause certain effects with use. Common side effects of Valtrex include:

  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Rash
  • Depression
  • Stomach pain
  • Rash

Severe symptoms that may require immediate medical attention are:

  • Trouble urinating
  • Urine that appears to be pink or red
  • Fever
  • Unusual bleeding
  • Bloody diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Swelling of the face and limbs
  • Seizures
  • Kidney problems
  • Hallucinations
  • Confusion or aggression

Relative Contraindications

The drug may not be suitable for use in certain groups of people who may be:

  • Pregnant women who face the risk of transmitting herpes to the fetus. Breastfeeding is also not recommended although it is not clear if Valtrex can pass through breast milk.
  • Avoid taking Valtrex drug if you are allergic to valacyclovir or acyclovir.
  • Inform all your doctors if you have been diagnosed with HIV or any other immunity-compromising condition.
  • Prolonged use of Valtrex can affect the functioning of the kidneys. Any drug that can potentially cause damage to the kidneys should be avoided unless it is considered as safe by your doctor.

Zovirax is a highly efficient antiviral medicine launched in the year 1977. Its foremost medical use is to treat infections caused by herpes simplex virus, shingles and chickenpox.

The other name of the pill is Acyclovir which should strictly be administered only by mouth. The other predominant use of the pill is to treat genital and neonatal herpes simplex. The active ingredient of the pill is white in color and comes in crystalline powder form.

The world health organization has listed the Zovirax pill as one required in a basic health system. The medication is available in different brand names.

Important information

The Zovirax antiviral is used for treating shingles, Herpes simplex encephalitis, acute chickenpox, herpes eye infection, and acute mucocutaneous HSV infections. Individuals suffering from herpes of the eye can benefit from taking the pill, since it is found to be more effective than other medicines of the same category.

The Zovirax drug when injected in liquid form can offer tremendous relief from encephalitis and severe genital herpes. The antiviral pill can also be used to treat herpes simplex meningitis and eczema herpeticum. Doctors prescribe the pill for treating infections caused by varicella zoster virus.

Zovirax should be taken for the entire length prescribed even if symptoms begin to improve before the course is over.

The infection being treated with this drug is usually contagious and it is recommended to not touch the infected area or allowing anyone to come in contact with it. Wash your hands immediately if you accidentally touch the infection. Keep the infected area clean and dry always.

Avoid taking Zovirax if you are allergic to Acyclovir, and also inform the prescribing doctor if you have health conditions like kidney disease, a weak immune system, breast-feeding or if you are pregnant .


Zovirax is available in three different forms – tablets, capsules, and oral suspension. The capsule form comes in the dosage strength of 200 mg. The compressed tablet form of this drug is available in the dosage strengths of 400 mg and 800 mg.

When it comes to the Zovirax suspension, each 5 ml of the liquid contains 200 mg of acyclovir. The dosage is decided by healthcare provider by considering the condition being treated and age of the patient.

The Zovirax medication should be taken at the very first instance of noticing symptoms like burning, blisters and tingling. Individuals using the liquid formulation of the pill should properly measure the dose.

At instances of observing weight loss during the course of therapy, it is necessary to inform the doctor, as the recommended dosage strength vary depending on the body weight. Intake of water should be increased so as to ensure optimal functioning of the kidneys.

Missing a dose and Overdose

The missed Zovirax dose should be taken as early as possible unless the timing clashes with the next schedule dose, in which case the missed dose may be skipped. Avoid doubling the doses to make up for the missed dose.

Drug overdose symptoms that can occur are seizures, loss of consciousness, and agitation. Get emergency medical attention in case of overdose.

Side effects

Zovirax can cause kidney ailments in some cases. The probable signs of kidney problem are experiencing difficulty while urinating, tired feelings, shortened breath, swelling in ankles and feet, and little urination. The other common side effects are

  • diarrhea,
  • headache,
  • vomiting,
  • nausea,
  • feeling ill.

Taking the medicine can make a person to easily get bruised, bleed and formation of red or purple pinpoints under the skin.

Relative Contraindications

The Zovirax antiviral drug upon interaction with other drugs trigger unwanted health complications in the body, especially it damages the kidney. Medications to be avoided are Bowel disorder medicine, Antibiotics, injectable osteoporosis medication, probenecid, pain and arthirits medicines liek aspirin, aleve and advil.

The list is bit elongated, however the ones highlighted above are the major category of drugs that interacts with the antiviral medicine apart from prescription drugs, herbal products and certain over-the-counter drugs.

Viread is the trade name for the antiretroviral drug Tenofovir. The prescription only drug is an adenosine nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), and works by suppressing the viral reproduction of the HIV strain.

The drug may be prescribed for both children and adults as part of the therapy for HIV infections and for chronic Hepatitis B. The Viread antiretroviral drug prevents the viral strain from replicating itself, thereby reducing the symptoms of the infection. Tenofovir has a biological half-life of about seventeen hours.

Important information

Medical researchers have found that taking Viread on a regular basis can reduce the risk of viral transmission, especially in those who are at higher risk of being infected with HIV due to their profession or health conditions.

Viread drug cannot cure the disease completely but can help to manage it efficiently. This is important in improving the quality of life for HIV infected persons. Prolonged or chronic Hepatitis B is also managed by taking this drug, which is prescribed for patients aged twelve or older.


After the patient is able to get prescribed Viread, it should be taken exactly as indicated by the prescribing physician and according to the directions on the medication label. The dosage is calculated according to weight and age of the person, due to which the dose shouldn’t be changed without the doctor’s consent.

It is important to take Viread at the same time every day, either with or without food, to ensure that its efficacy remains unchanged. Monitor continuously for any changes in weight and get blood tested periodically for any complications.

Side effects

Viread may have severe adverse effects on people with problems in the kidneys, liver or bone density, and they should disclose the same to the medical practitioner.

Commonly displayed mild side effects include

  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • stomach troubles,
  • weakness,
  • Depression,
  • sleep troubles.

In case of moderate to severe symptoms like developing a new infection, weight loss, liver related problems and such, get medical assistance immediately.

Persons who are allergic to the active ingredient Tenofovir should not take the pills. Pregnant women, should consult with the doctor about the drug safety as it can help prevent passing the HIV infection to the developing fetus.

Relative Contraindications

Taking Viread can lead to certain side effects, due to accumulation of certain ingredients in the kidneys and liver. These may become further aggravated if the drug is combined with similar antiretroviral pills or Antibiotics that pose higher harmful effects on the kidneys or the liver.

Every single drug being taken should be disclosed to the doctor, including herbal supplements, Arthritismedications and over the counter pills, as dangerous interactions can occur.

The intake of certain pills can also reduce the efficacy of Tenofovir, which can be avoided by intimating the healthcare provider with the complete medical history.

Truvada is the trade name of the combination drugs Tenofovir and Emtricibitane. The drug components are antiretroviral agents used in treating and managing HIV/AIDS.

The drug cannot cure the infection completely but can suppress the virus from replicating itself. The ingredient Tenofovir may be used as a standalone drug or in combination with other HIV pills to reduce the infection.

The combination of pills for the HIV therapy is decided by the prescribing physician based on the level of infection, patient’s response to treatment, age, weight, and after a thorough medical check to prevent drug interactions and any underlying health conditions that may become affected.

Important information

The fixed dose combination pill may be used primarily to reduce the level of the HIV infection. Truvada may also be used in pre-exposure to the HIV strain, particularly in individuals who are at higher risk of transmission.

Truvada should not be considered as a substitute for safe sex practices and following of other safety measures. It may be taken by pregnant women affected with this immunity inhibiting virus to prevent transmission to the developing fetus.

It is advised that women with HIV/AIDS should not breast-feed a baby as the virus can be transmitted through breast milk.


As with other HIV drugs, the dosage should be taken at the same time every day without skipping a dose for maximum drug efficacy.

If the Truvada drug course is not regulated properly, the HIV strain may evolve to become resistant to the medication. The patient should also undergo blood tests every three months to check for liver or kidney damages, and the bone density.

If other drugs are prescribed along Truvada, then follow the recommendations of the prescribing physician.

Side effects

Patients who get prescribed Truvada may also be able to learn about the potential side effects of taking this drug and certain precautions for use. The patient should provide information about any history of kidney or liver troubles, bone mineral density problems, or Hepatitis B to the healthcare provider.

Truvada can cause a condition called lactic acidosis that requires treatment immediately and patients should be aware of the symptoms of this condition.

The signs of lactic acidosis are

  • numbness,
  • weakness in the muscles,
  • nausea,
  • stomach troubles,
  • irregular heartbeat,
  • trouble breathing,
  • dizziness.

Common side effects of taking this HIV pill include

  • headache,
  • itching,
  • depression,
  • changes in body fat.

Relative Contraindications

Individuals can take generic Truvada after learning about potentially harmful interactions with other HIV medications. Although a combination of pills may be prescribed for the treatment, Antibiotics, Arthritismedications and other drugs that contain Tenofovir, Lamivudine, Adefovir, and Emtricitabine should be avoided.

The Truvada antiretroviral pill may harm the kidneys and liver, hence one should disclose to the doctor if one is taking any other drugs like vitamins, OTC pill, and even herbal supplements as they can combine to produce harmful effects.

Symmetrel, known by the trade name Amantadine, is drug that is used in treating flu symptoms and in managing Parkinson’s disease. The drug has a biological half-life of about ten to thirty hours.

As a Parkinson’s medication, the drug works by enhancing the release of dopamine and inhibiting the dopamine reuptake.

As a flu drug, Amantadine’s exact mechanism of action is not clear but it is assumed to prevent the viral cells from multiplying. The dosage depends on the condition that is being treated and the severity of the problem.

Important information

Parkinson’s patients have a decline in motor functions and taking this drug is like a stimulant for the condition. The antiviral pills may also be used to treat flu symptoms.

The drug has also displayed efficacy in patients with multiple sclerosis and improved by elevating fatigue. One can take Symmetrel after knowing the correct dosage and course duration from the prescribing physician.

Symmetrel may also be used in treating conditions for which the symptoms can be eased with this medication.


Once the patient is able to get prescribed Symmetrel, the drug should be taken exactly as indicated on the product label and as advised by the prescribing physician.

The patient should not change the dosage or discontinue taking the drug before the entire course is over even if the symptoms have improved as doing so will not cure the flu completely.

For Parkinson’s disease, the Symmetrel dose may be modified from time to time in order to get maximum effectiveness from taking the medication.

The drug can treat viral symptoms only and cannot be used for curing bacterial infections. The scheduled dose should not be missed or skipped for maximum drug efficacy.

Side effects

A few mild side effects that may usually occur are

  • nausea,
  • sleeping troubles,
  • dizziness.

If you experience the below mentioned severe adverse reactions seek emergency medical help immediately.

  • hallucinations,
  • trouble breathing,
  • swelling in the hands and feet,
  • depression,
  • seizures,
  • conditions related to the central nervous system,

The drug is not safe for use in persons who have any major illness with symptoms similar to the side effects of the drug. Taking Amantadine should never be done without a proper physical evaluation.

Relative Contraindications

Since Symmetrel works like a stimulant, other medications with similar stimulant properties should not be taken along with this antiviral drug.

Drinking alcohol while taking Symmetrel drug can increase the risk of side effects. One should also avoid performing any activities that may require complete concentration or using motor functions to operate hazardous machinery.

There may be other drugs that may interact dangerously with Symmetrel, which can be avoided by informing the healthcare provider on every drug being taken.

Retrovir is the brand name of the drug Zidovudine, which is prescribed to treat an HIV infection and to prevent the risk of transmission. The drug, classed as a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), works by suppressing the enzyme that the virus uses to copy itself.

The drug does not cure the infection completely but helps to manage it effectively. The dosage strength depends on the level of the infection and high dosages may be required if the infection has progressed significantly.

Important information

The efficacy of Retrovir antiretroviral drug makes it an important part of the therapy in patients infected with HIV.

Since the drug has the ability to reduce the presence of the virus, it is used in preventing the transmission of the infection from a pregnant woman to the fetus or to a baby through breast milk.

Zidovudine is also used to reduce the risk of HIV transmission in persons who have been exposed to the viral strain in some form or another.


The drug should be taken exactly as prescribed for the condition. The antiretroviral medication is not a standalone treatment as the viral strain can evolve to become resistant to its effects. Hence, it is prescribed along with other HIV drugs in the treatment plan referred to as highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART).

As with any HIV drug, the medication should be taken at the same time every day for it to be effective. Changes in the dosage, skipping doses or discontinuing the drug will result in the virus becoming resistant to the drug.

Side effects

After the patient has been taking the Retrovir dosage for some time, he or she may experience certain mild side effects. These include

  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • change in appetite,
  • weakness,
  • tiredness,
  • constipation.

If case of more severe adverse reactions that may occur suddenly, consult a doctor immediately to overcome these symptoms. For any allergic reactions, the prescribing physician may be able to suggest any alternative drugs that are suitable. It is important to take up regular blood tests to monitor the HIV infection as well as watch out for underlying problems that may manifest unknowingly.

Relative Contraindications

HIV drugs are generally used with caution, particularly in pregnant women, people with chronic viral infections, and those with kidney, liver or blood function troubles.

Retrovir may combine with certain drugs and cause a harmful reaction in the body. It is recommended to disclose to the healthcare provider if one is taking other drugs like Ganciclovir, Doxorubicin, and Ribavarin.

Other drugs may also interact dangerously, which can be assessed by disclosing the drug names to the physician.

Rebetol is a prescription antiviral medication and is the brand name for the generic formulation of Ribavirin. This drug is used together with an interferon alfa product like PegIntron, Pegasys or IntronA to treat Hepatitis C. It is a virus that causes inflammation in the liver. This condition can also be caused by certain medications, poisons, chemicals, other toxins or by other diseases. Hepatitis C is a contagious liver disease which is spread through contact with the blood of an infected patient.

Important information

Ribavirin is used in treating chronic Hepatitis C. This infection could cause serious liver problems like cirrhosis or liver cancer. It is not clearly known how the drug works but it helps in reducing the amount of hepatitis C in the body. This results in reducing the damage in liver as well as helps for it to recover.

When you take Rebetol, it can lower the count of red cells in the blood that would cause anemia. This could be fatal for patients with a heart disease.

If you are a man and if your partner is pregnant then you should not take Rebetol drug. If you impregnate your partner while taking the drug, it would harm the fetus.

During the treatment with Rebetol, if you become pregnant notify your doctor immediately.If you or your sexual partner is taking the drug, it is important to take effective birth control measures.

Even after stopping the medication, it is better to avoid pregnancy for a period of 6 months.

Rebetol medication would affect a baby, so do not take this medication if you are breast feeding a baby. You should also not breast feed immediately after stopping the treatment, you have to wait till 6 months to start your breast feeding.

If you are taking Rebetol medication for hepatitis C then you have to combine it along with interferon alfa product.

Patients suffering from liver disease or chronic issue or if hepatitis is autoimmune, they should not take Rebetol drug along with Peginterferon Alfa 2A. Always follow the instructions that are given by your doctor during and after the treatment.


Rebetol medication can be taken orally as prescribed by the doctor and it is usually taken twice a day. Do not crush, break or chew a pill and it should be swallowed as a whole.

If the prescribed Rebetol medicine is in liquid form, measure the syrup with a dose-measuring spoon to avoid overdose. It is recommended not to use household spoons and to purchase it from a pharmacy.

Dosage strength would be prescribed depending on age, severity of the condition and response to treatment. It should be taken regularly to get better effectiveness from the drug.

Missing a dose and Overdose

The missed dose of Rebetol can be taken at the earliest unless it does not clash with the schedule of the next dose or else skip it. Increasing the dosage strength to cope up with the missed one should be avoided. This would only result in drug overdose. Seek medical emergency in case of drug overdose.

Side effects

Just like other drugs, side effects may be triggered while taking this pill.

  • Nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • chest pain,
  • breathing trouble,
  • depression,
  • thoughts about suicide,
  • anemia,
  • weakness,
  • fever,
  • headache,
  • change in mood,
  • stomach pain,
  • muscle pain,
  • loss of appetite.

It is important to seek medical assistance regarding side effects as soon as possible.

Relative Contraindications

It is very essential to consult the doctor before taking Rebetol. Tell the healthcare provider if there are any medical illness like severe kidney disease, hemoglobin blood cell disorder, autoimmune hepatitis, kidney or heart disease, AIDS, history of mental illness, diabetes, history of organ transplant, vision problem or liver problems other than hepatitis C.

It is better to avoid Rebetol pill if an individual is allergy symptoms. The drug can cause hazards to an unborn baby hence it is recommended not to start the course of therapy during pregnancy. It is essential to take effective birth control measures to prevent pregnancy.

Consult the doctor if a patient is nursing a baby, pregnant or planning to get pregnant. Ribavirin may cause gum disease or tooth decay, so consult with the dentist on a regular basis.

Norvir is the brand formulation of Ritonavir and belongs to a class of drugs called as protease inhibitors. It is an antiviral medicine which is used to treat patients who suffer from HIV or AIDS. This medication prevents HIV from multiplying in the body and helps the immune system to work better.

Important information

Ritonavir is used with other medications to control HIV infections in a patient. It lowers the chance of being affected of medical complications like cancer or any new infections.

Protease inhibitors help this antiviral medication to work effectively. Blood as well as the function of liver should be tested on a regular basis.

You have to be very careful when you take Norvir, this medication would interact with so many drugs and it can also be fatal. So tell your doctor about all the drugs that you are taking.

Even while taking Norvir, you would transmit HIV. So, do not engage in unprotected sex or share your razors and needles.

Norvir is not known to show severe effects on fetus but if you did not treat HIV while on pregnancy, the condition would pass to an unborn baby.

Never breast feed a child. If you breast feed a healthy baby, HIV would be passed on to a child through milk.

Ask your doctor to suggest effective barrier method to prevent pregnancy as norvir would make birth control pills ineffective.


Norvir should be taken orally with food. It is usually taken one or two times a day. It is very essential to consult the healthcare provider before taking this drug. This pill is available in two different variations such as capsules and liquid.

Do not crush, chew or break the capsules and swallow as a whole. Measure the syrup using a dose measuring spoon to avoid over dose while taking the medication in a liquid form. Liquid Norvir can be mixed with milk or any nutrition drink and can be consumed.

Take this drug regularly to get maximum benefit. Since the dosage strength for children is based on weight as well as height, tell the doctor if there are any changes in them. Pills should be stored at room temperature away from heat and moisture.

Missing a dose and Overdose

Unless the missed dose of Norvir does not clash with the timing of the next dose, you can take the missed one immediately. If the time conflicts then it is better to skip taking the missed pill. Doubling of the dosage strength to compensate with the missed dose should not be done as it would lead to drug overdose.

Side effects

Just like other drugs, side effects may be triggered while taking Ritonavir.

  • Light headed feeling,
  • irregular heartbeat,
  • unusual bleeding,
  • easy bruising,
  • pancreas problems,
  • kidney diseases,
  • high blood sugar,
  • drowsiness,
  • vision defects,
  • dry mouth,
  • weight loss,
  • hunger,
  • skin rash,
  • loss of appetite.

It is very important to seek medical assistance regarding side effects as soon as possible.

Relative Contraindications

Certain medications that cause interaction with Norvir drug can be avoided during the course of therapy. Antibiotics, anti-fungal, antidepressant, cancer medicine, cholesterol lowering medicine, heart or blood pressure medicine, a sedative, seizure, erectile dysfunction drugs are some among them that interacts with this drug.

It is essential to consult with the health care provider before taking this antiviral medication. Taking Norvir pill does not prevent transmitting HIV to other person. Hence talk with the doctor about the safety measures that could prevent HIV transmission to another person. Consult the healthcare provider if a patient is pregnant, nursing a baby or planning to become pregnant..

Famvir is the trade name of Famciclovir and is used in treating various types of viral infections. The antiviral drug is effective in treating herpes. This condition can appear in various parts of the body especially on the genitals or mouth.

There are two types of the herpes virus such as HSV-1 and HSV-2. The former causes cold sores and fever blisters around the mouth and the latter causes genital herpes outbreaks. Herpes are contagious and is recommended to wash the hands to prevent passing infection to others.

Important information

Famvir is used to treat infections that are caused by herpes virus including shingles, cold sores as well as genital herpes. This drug slows the growth and also controls the spread of the herpes virus to other parts of the body. This enables the body to fight against the infection.

This drug helps a patient in best possible ways even though it is not a cure. Famvir helps in decreasing the severity and length of the outbreaks, in healing the sores as well as preventing new sores from happening in the future. Itchiness caused by the disease can be reduced by using this drug


Famvir pill is usually taken two or three times per day with or without food. The course of therapy should be started as soon as possible after experiencing certain symptoms like tingling, burning and blisters.

It is very important to consult the doctor before taking this pill and is equally important to take Famvir for a prescribed period of time.

Depending upon the age, severity of the condition and tolerance of a patient the dosage strength would be prescribed. It is essential to take this drug at regular intervals as only then the patient could get better effectiveness from the pill.

Do not increase or decrease the dose, skip the dose or stop the usage of pills before the prescribed span of time.

Side effects

Taking Famvir may stimulate certain side effects.

  • Nausea,
  • stomach pain,
  • weakness, confusion,
  • loss of appetite,
  • vomiting,
  • irregular heartbeat,
  • swelling,
  • weight gain,
  • breathing trouble,
  • diarrhea,
  • headache,
  • dizziness,
  • sleepiness,
  • skin rash.

It is recommended to stop the medication and contact the healthcare provider as soon as possible. Side effects may vary from person to person.

Relative Contraindications

Probenecid, Zovirax, Benemid and Valtrax are a few among the drugs that can interact with Famvir. Consult with the health care provider if a patient has certain medical ailments like liver disease, kidney disease, a weak immune system, and galactose intolerance.

Famciclovir may cause serious hazards to an unborn baby as well as nursing a baby. It is wise not to take the course of therapy during pregnancy or whilst nursing a baby.

Epivir is the trade name of Lamivudine and is used in the treatment of chronic Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS. This drug works by preventing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or hepatitis B from multiplying in the body. Lamivudine belongs to a class of drugs called as nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors-NRTI.


When Epivir is used in treating HIV infection, it helps in decreasing the amount of this virus in the body. This enables the immune system to work better. In addition to that, it also lowers the chance of getting HIV complications like cancer or other infections.

This drug could be effective in treating but it is not a cure. Lamivudine should not be given to children younger than 2 years of age. Frequent blood tests, kidney and liver function tests should be done during the course of therapy.


Epivir should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. Pills can be taken with or without food. If a child is taking this medicine, the drug can be broken in two halves to avoid overdose.

Since the dosage strength for a child is prescribed based on weight, tell the healthcare provider if the child has any change in weight. It is essential to take Epivir pill for the prescribed period of time.

The dosage strength should not be altered without seeking medical advice. Measure the liquid medicine with a dose-measuring spoon each time to ensure that a patient is taking the correct Epivir dosage.

If the patient missed a dose, it can be taken as soon as they remember. When it conflicts with the schedule of the next dose, it is better to skip the missed dose.

Side effects

Taking Epivir drug may trigger the following side effects

  • Muscle pain,
  • weakness,
  • cold feeling in legs and arms,
  • breathing troubles,
  • light headed,
  • dizziness,
  • stomach pain,
  • vomiting,
  • nausea,
  • abnormal heart rate,
  • pancreas problem,
  • liver disease,
  • diarrhea,
  • sneezing,
  • stuffy nose,
  • sore throat.

Seek medical assistance regarding ill effects as soon as possible. When an individual decides to get prescribed Epivir, it would be easy to know about the dosage strength, side effects as wells as drug properties.

Interactions with other drugs

There are few drugs that interact with Lamivudine. So it wise to consult the doctor regarding all the medications that are currently taken. It includes prescription, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins as well as herbal products.

Atripla, Combivir, Complera, Emtriva and Truvada are a few among the dugs which should not be taken together with Epivir. For the safety of a patient, it is essential to tell the doctor if they have a history of pancreatitis, liver disease, liver implant, or kidney problem.

Consult the doctor regarding the current medications, health condition as well as the appropriate dosage strength before taking the medication.

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