Diakof Himalaya

Diakof Himalaya is a product from a reputed company which was established in 1930. The key ingredient of the syrup is Holy basil as well as Licorice. It is an Ayurveda medication and is available in 100 mg bottle.

Medical Uses

This medication is used in treating cold as well as dry cough for those patients who are suffering from diabetes mellitus. This is sugar free syrup and is popularly used in Asthma medications. It helps the patients to get relief from cough as well as reduces the number of cough attacks.

Diakof Himalaya is also used in treating conditions like Hyper-responsive of the upper airway which is caused by inflammatory mediator release. When the syrup is taken, it helps the patients by decreasing the sensitivity of this issue.

The two properties of Diakof Himalaya that makes it a good cough syrup are that it is Mucolytic as well as Expectorant. These are the properties that reduce the viscosity of bronchial secretions as well as facilitate expectoration.

The medication acts as a peripheral antitussive and this reduces bronchial mucus irritation as well as bronchospasm. This condition is the sudden tightening of muscles in the walls of bronchioles and that causes difficulty in breathing.

Dosage and administration

This medication is available in syrup form and it is taken by mouth. Usually, it is taken three times in a day. The dosage of this medication depends on the health condition of the patient, severity of the condition as well as the age.

Children would be prescribed with a lower dose of Diakof Himalaya compared to the adults. This syrup is safe to be taken by diabetes patients and it cures any type of cough. If the patient forgets to take the dose, it could be taken as soon as they remember but when it conflicts with the schedule of the next dose, it is essential to avoid taking the missed dose.

As taking two doses close together would lead to drug overdose, the patients should never do this. Consult with the healthcare provider before commencing the course of therapy. Measure the dose with a dose measuring spoon to avoid drug overdose. It is essential to check all the ingredients in the medication, to avoid allergic reactions. Avoid the consumption of alcohol while taking Diakof Himalaya.

Side effects

Since it is the herbal product, there are no side effects caused whilst administering the syrup. Consumption of wrong dose or increasing the dose would lead to ill effects like inflammation as well as worsen this condition. In some cases it would lead to swelling in the face, tongue or throat. So it is very essential to be cautious while measuring the dosage.

Children as well as older people should have to take utmost care while taking the medication, so the risk of overdose would be reduced. It is necessary to consult the healthcare provider regarding all the medications that are currently taken. It also includes herbal as well as prescription drugs. This should be done to avoid drug interactions.


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