E Cigarette

An E-cigarette is an electronic device which helps people are struggling with cigarette addiction to quit smoking. It is a device which evaporates a liquid with very mild nicotine as user puffs the device. The smoke that comes off the device is just water vapor. There are various kinds of liquid with different flavors, nicotine level, and others.

Top benefits of E-cigarette

The E-cigarette does not constitute any tar or carbon monoxide in any form, unlike the similar substances that are found in the common tobacco based cigarettes. The common tobacco based cigarettes sold on the market contain no less than 4000 high dangerous elements which are never part of the electronic cigarettes.

Most of the patrons of the E-cigarette felt better by using it as their body is not affected by the toxins which are a sheer contradiction from the normal cigarettes. It is not only the toxins; the harmful substances also include tar that is detrimental to the user’s health.

By slowly getting accustomed to E-cigarette, the human body will realize the benefits accrued by refraining from the normal cigars. You can stop feeling guilty about spoiling others’ health through what is termed as second-hand smoking. And research does throw ample light on how second-hand smoking is dangerous than the smoking itself.

Usage instructions

The plan to quit smoking by using E-cigarette should be well devised to get the intended benefits. First, you should know how to use electronic cigarette exactly and only after getting used to it the thought of decreasing the nicotine level should arise. The level of nicotine in the electronic cigarettes varies from one company to the other.

The inhalation with E-cigarette should be done in a very slow manner and needs to last for at least 3 to 5 seconds for getting the best feeling out of it. The vapor should be held for a while before releasing for getting high on nicotine. Try drawing 3 to 7 times in one instance and do it again after some time again.

Most of the people may feel contended with using E-cigarette more than 5 times and bear in mind not to go beyond 7 times and it may be used again later during the same day.

Things you should know before using E-Cigarette

Remember that it is not a lifetime solution. You cannot spend years using this product and avoid problems related to smoking. No matter which product you choose or which site you buy from, nicotine present in the liquid is still harmful. Unless you buy the nicotine-free liquid for your E-cigarette, you are prone to harmful effects of smoking in a small probability. Hence limit its usage only for a short span of time.

Stopping smoking by using E-cigarette is not going to happen easily. There definitely should be concerted efforts to avoid smoking in a phased manner as getting rid of this habit requires some time. Actually, there are many E-cigarettes available in the market and purchasing the right one is far more important.

Do not harbor hopes of finding the exact kind of flavor that you have been experiencing through traditional cigarettes. As for the battery, opting for a smaller one may be helpful in getting it low-priced but the charge will not be held long or in short, the capacity would be less.

For people who are heavy on smoking it is suggested to buy a bigger one so that it can last long without the necessity of frequent charging. Determine the nicotine strength before you smoke and it could vary between 0 mg, 6, 12 or 18 aptly named as no nicotine, ultralight, light and full flavored respectively.


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