Flagyl is an antibiotic belonging to the Metronidazole groups of drugs. The generic formulation of the pill is identified by the name Metronidazole. The medication is extensively used for treating vaginal infections and bacterial infections caused in joints, skin, stomach, and also respiratory tract.

However, it is not the preferred choice for treating vaginal infection caused by yeast. The effectiveness of this antibiotic drug in treating pelvic inflammatory disease has been proved off late. It is highly critical to complete the full the prescribed dose as per the prescription so as to experience long-term relief. Within two or three doses, there is possibility of the symptoms to subside completely. However it is unfair to stop the course of treatment with flagyl. Doing so will strengthen the bacteria to develop resistance towards the drug and make it inefficient.

General precautionary advice

Do not take flagyl if you are pregnant especially when you are in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Allergy symptoms seen while on treatment with this drug should be reported to your doctor.

If you want to start the therapy, you have to make sure that you do not get pregnant during this phase. To avoid risks, tell your doctor if you have any plans of becoming pregnant.

If you are a victim of any medical ailment like liver disease, epilepsy, seizure disorder, nerves disorder, intestinal disease, and blood cell disorder, tell about this to a doctor to avoid any problems.

Alcohol should not be consumed during the treatment as it would trigger ill effects. After you stop the therapy, you should avoid consuming alcohol immediately at least for 3 days.

Smoking would also cause hazards to you when you take this medication.

When you are taking Flagyl with other drugs, you have to be careful. There are so many medications that might interact with this drug like glycol, cimetidine, seizure drugs, live bacterial vaccine, lithium, blood thinners, mebendazole and lopinavir. So, before taking other medication, you have to be cautious to avoid any withdrawal symptoms.

Dosage and Administration

Flagyl 500 mg is found to be extremely powerful in treating bacterial vaginosis and pelvic inflammatory disease. It can be used in women and can be administered twice on a daily basis for seven continuous days. Women who are pregnant and are affected of bacterial vaginosis can administer the pill thrice a day for seven continuous days. It is also available in 250mg dosage strength.

Side Effects

Flagyl is generally considered to be a safe drug if it is taken as per the advice and prescription of the doctor. A few side effects that are quite common with this drug are back pain, blurred vision, agitation, confusion, convulsions, and various manifestations. Side effects which aren’t attended to medically at the appropriate juncture might result in serious medical consequences. Hence, it is very important to stop the usage of the drug if the symptoms persist for more than one day.


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