Fml Forte

FML Forte (Fluorometholone ophthalmic suspension) is a Corticosteroid and an anti-inflammatory agent. It is 0.25 % sterile when packed. It is available in ointment as well as in eye drops.

Medical Uses

It is used in treating inflammation caused in the eyes or eyelids. The active ingredient in the medication works by decreasing the symptoms like swelling, itching and redness.

Dosage and Administration

FML Forte is available as 10 ml and 15 ml bottles. Read the leaflet before using this medication. Shake well before using it. Lie down facing upward. Open the eyelid and place a drop in to the eye. Close eyes and avoid rubbing and blinking it. Keep a finger on the corner of the eye that is near to the nose, apply gentle pressure on it. This will avoid the medication from flushing out from the eye. Repeat this procedure in the other eye too. It is recommended to use this medication only in the prescribed number of drops. Do not wear contact lens while using this medication. Wash the hands before and after using this eye drops.

This medication is also available in ointment form. To apply this to the eye, lie down facing upward. Open the eyelid and squeeze the ointment tube without touching the eye. Gently blink eyes and close it for a few minutes. Both the tip of eye dropper as well as the ointment tube should not touch the eye. Close those with the respective caps to avoid contamination of the medication. If the condition of the patient does not improve after two days, consult the doctor regarding this issue. It is very essential not to share this medication with other patients even for those having same symptoms. Before using FML Forte, tell to the doctor if you have fungal or viral infection, untreated chicken pox, and herpes.


When using FML Forte, do not wear contact lenses as there are chances that the preservatives in this medication can get in contact with the contact lenses.

Wait at least for ten minutes before you begin to apply any type of drops or ointments for your eye.

Never use the medication beyond what is prescribed as overusing will not improve your ailment any faster but will only increase the risk of your side effects.

If the drop changes its color, it means that the eye drop is either contaminated or expired. In any case, you need to stop using such medications as otherwise it can result in eye infections or sometimes even loss of vision.

Side effects

Some of the common side effects of this medication are weight gain, increase in body hair, thinning skin, slow healing of wound, irregular menstrual cycle, weakness, tiredness, depression, anxiety, irritation or redness in eyes, eye pain, blurred vision and changes in sexual function. This is due to the absorption of the medication in the bloodstream. Consult with the medical practitioner if the patient develops any of the ill effects.


The medications that are taken in different ways including nasal, oral, injection as well as inhalation would interact with this medication. So it is wise to consult a doctor regarding all the medications that the patients are currently taken. It includes vitamins, birth control pills, herbal products, prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter medications. Depending upon it, the physician would choose a best dose for the patient.


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