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Haridra is an herbal product that is manufactured by the Himalayan Drug Company. It contains the rhizome of an herb called Curcuma longa which has a distinct yellowish color and contains a pungent taste. Solely due to its potency, the drug is the most researched drug in the recent times. The medication can target and heal multiple health conditions. Another big positive aspect of this medication is that it is a 100 % vegetarian and hence results in minimal to no side-effects. If you have been allergic to this medication in the past, you must only get this medication after a doctor’s consultation.

Medical Uses

The medication has multiple uses. It is used for purification of blood and fevers resulting from malaria. It can also treat cold, Asthma, coughs. This herb contains anti-inflammatory properties and hence it can be used to reduce inflammation occurring in different regions of the body. It is also recognized as an antioxidant therefore it prevents the damage of organs that happen in a diabetic patient.

Haridra also cures any allergies or inflammation related to the skin. It can also prove to be beneficial in treating conditions like dementia. This is an over-the-counter medication hence it is available without a prescription. But it is better to just inform your doctor and get his input before you proceed with using the medication. The medication is able to perform such multiple functions because it acts on a cellular level.

Dosage and administration

The medication comes in dosage of 400 mg the form of a pill that can be consumed with water. As a rule of thumb 1 to 2 tablets are taken twice a day based on the symptoms of a person. The recommendation however, must come from a physician. Pregnant women or breast feeding mothers must start their treatment with this herbal medication only after consulting their physician. People who are suffering from blood pressure or diabetes must also consult their doctor before getting the medication. Even after using Haridra for a considerable time, if your symptoms persist, you must consult your physician to know the reason.

Side effects

Since Haridra is 100% natural, that is free of artificial components like flavor, colorings, preservatives and artificial sugars, this medication is not known to produce any side effects in a healthy person. This medication does not result in adverse conditions even when it is used for a long term. But it might still interact with certain medical conditions and hence such people must consult a doctor before using the medication.

Relative contraindications to Haridra

There are no interactions of this drug with other drugs. But just to ascertain this, it is better to get it clarified by your doctor by informing him about all the over-the-counter, herbal, ayurvedic and prescription medication that is currently being administered by you. A doctor would be the best person to contact to get any information about the medication.


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