Innopran Xl

Innopran XL contains the active ingredient called propranolol hydrochloride. This extended-release tablet is a non-selective as well as beta-adrenergic receptor-blocking agent. The white, stable, crystalline drug is easily soluble in water and ethanol

Medical Uses

Innopran XL is a beta blocker which is used to treat high Blood Pressure. When the blood pressure lowers in the patient, it prevents certain diseases like strokes, kidney problems as well as heart disease. The medication works by blocking natural chemicals in the body like epinephrine. This is which affects heart and blood vessels in the patients. When this natural chemical is blocked it in turn lowers the blood pressure, workload of the heart and heart rate.

Dosage and Administration

Innopran XL is available in different dosages and they are 80 mg as well as 120 mg.

The drug can be taken orally along with food or without food. Follow the same pattern throughout the course of therapy. This medication is available as an extended-release capsule hence it should not be broken, crushed or chewed. The medication is manufactured in such a way that some ingredients would be released immediately when it is taken whereas the rest of the ingredients could be released after few minutes. When a person crushes or breaks this drug and takes it, this will make all the ingredients in the drug to release at the same time leading to drug overdose. It takes a few weeks for the patient to improve from the symptoms.

Do not stop using Innopran XL abruptly. In such situations, the doctor would lower the dose and then slowly halts the medication after few days. Take only the instructed dose as it would be prescribed by the medical specialist to get benefit from the drug.  Follow the same time each day to take medications; this may help the patient not to forget about it.

In case a person missed a dose of Innopran XL and if it does not conflict with the next schedule of the dose, the missed medication can be taken. Do not share the drugs with another patient even for those having the similar symptoms.

Side Effects

Tightness in the chest, sore throat, memory loss, mood change, hallucinations, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, wheezing, sudden weight gain, and change in vision are some of the possible side effects that may be triggered while taking Innopran XL.

Relative contraindications

People having medical ailments such as liver and kidney diseases, Asthma, heart problems, thyroid disorders, Depression, cardiovascular disorders and Diabetes should inform your doctor before taking this medication.

Drug interactions would either reduce the effectiveness of Innopran XL or lead to any unwanted ill effects. Alpha blockers, Anticholinergics, Hydralazine, Rizatriptan, Ritonavir, Fingolimod, Thioridazine, Haloperidol, Theophylline, Rifabutin, Propafenone and Quinidine are a few drugs that are found to interact with this medication. As this is not a complete list, it is wise to consult with a medico about the medications that are currently taken before commencing the treatment.


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