Lamisil, also known as terbinafine, is a strong antifungal antibiotic medication that is widely used to fight fungus related infections. In most cases, Lamisil treats fungus infections that affect a person’s toenails or fingernails.

In children, Lamisil is administered to treat scalp hair follicles fungal infections. However, the child should not be under the age of four years.

Important data

Terbinafine is the main chemical in Lamisil. Terbinafine is also available under other names. Those drugs are called as generic drugs. It was introduced in market after undergoing years of research, approval, marketing, testing and others.

After expiry of patent rights, a lot of companies incorporated Terbinafine in their drugs and have manufactured drugs similar to Lamisil. If you are choosing a reliable manufacturer, his methods of manufacturing would be approved by FDA and thereby, you would have a generic medicine which is cheaper than brand yet, as reliable as Lamisil.

When this medication is taken, few people developed serious liver problems. This made them to undergo liver transplantation. In some cases, it was fatal.

This drug might not be the only cause for this situation. Anyway, you should have close look when you experience any liver related symptoms. Severe nausea, yellowish skin, pale stools, dark urine, pain in the abdomen and yellow eyes is some of the symptoms of liver damage or failure.

If you suffer from psoriasis, lupus, liver disease, weekend immunity, HIV or any other autoimmune disorder, tell about this to a doctor before taking this medication.

If you are pregnant, then it is better not to take Lamisil during this period. There are possibilities that the medication would pass on to the fetus.

If you are woman who is nursing a baby then you can take Lamisil to treat the fungal infection after this phase is completed. The ingredients in the drug might pass in to the baby while breast feeding.


You should use the medication as mentioned by your doctor and you should not deviate from it. Take the dosage strength of Lamisil exactly without doubling or increasing the dose.

Never take this medication for a longer period than that is mentioned by a medical specialist. Usually Lamisil would be prescribed for the period of 12 weeks.

Drink the drug with a full glass of water. If granules are to be taken then mix it with pudding or mash. Avoid mixing it with applesauce or any fruits.

When you mix the granules, you should take it immediately without chewing and should not store it for later use.

Missing a dose and Overdose

Take the missed dose of Lamisil when you remember. It is important to ignore the missed dose when it is time to take the next pill. Do not double or increase the dosage strength of this medication to cope up with the missed one.

It would only cause ill effects and drug overdose. In this condition, it is essential to get medical help as soon as possible.

Side Effects

The side effects experienced after taking Lamisil are not necessarily a result of improper use of the drug. In most cases, they occur due to the body’s adaptation or reaction to the medication. The most common Lamisil side effects include:

  • Severe headaches
  • Sore throat, stuffy nose
  • Stomach pain, mild nausea, iarrhea
  • Changes in a person’s smell or taste

Relative Contraindications

You should not drink tea or coffee while on this treatment. Avoid taking any products that contain caffeine in it. Do not go under direct sunlight.

One of the common contraindication is getting an allergy. Stop the medication when you suffer from any allergic reactions.

If you are taking blood pressure medications, desipramine, cyclosporine, or  fluconazole, consult about this to the doctor before taking Lamisil.


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