Lozol is an antihypertensive medication and is a diuretic. The diuretic constituents are polar sulfamoyl chlorobenzamide moiety and lipid soluble methylindoline moiety. The medicine also comprises of microcrystalline cellulose, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, lactose, corn starch, coloring agent, pregelatinised starch, talc and polyethylene glycol.

Medical Uses

Lozol is used in the treatment of high blood pressure and also to treat salt and water retention known as edema that could be as a result of congestive heart failure. The pill works by making the kidneys to dispel large quantity of water and salt. When there is reduced blood pressure, kidney problems, strokes and heart attacks can be averted. Minimizing the amount of salt and fluid in the body can help to reduce the swelling and breathing problems and can enhance the body’s ability to exercise.

Dosage and Administration

As Lozol is indicated for oral administration, it can be taken by mouth once each day with or without food. The pill can increase amount of urine or make a person to urinate frequently. Hence to alleviate these problems, it is best to take the pill before 6 pm so as to not get disturbed due to urination while asleep.

The standard starting dose of Lozol for high blood pressure is 1.25 mg and the standard recommended dose for fluid retention is 2.5 mg. Your physician might however increase the dosage to 5 mg depending upon you condition.

Take the doses of Lozol regularly and at the same time every day so as to help you remember better. This drug should not be got into children’s hands and elderly people will have to take a lower dosage of the pill.

Side Effects

Common side effects of the medication include dehydration, hypokalemia that could lead to abnormal cardiac rhythms. Patients can develop muscle weakness due to hypokalemia. One could also suffer from hypomagnesaemia where the blood magnesium content is too low. Other crucial changes in the body can be lowered blood pressure, changes in vision, headache, dizziness, light headedness, increased cholesterol, nervousness, impotence, irritation, fatigue.

Precautionary advice

The foremost thing to do is reveal the record of medical ailments you are already suffered, the medications taken for that and if presently you are traumatized by any disease. Patients who are undergoing problems related to the nervous system should be very cautious prior to taking this medication. Refrain from getting more exposed to the sun as this drug can change your body condition wherein it becomes more sensitive to sun rays. There can be circumstances where you need to undergo a surgery and it is critical to tell the medical professionals involved that you are presently taking Lozol.

Tell your physician if you are allergic to Lozol or if you have any other allergies. As this medicine consists of certain inactive ingredients, it can cause some allergic reactions in some patients. Talk to your health care professional if you suffer from some medical condition like kidney disease, liver disease, gout disease, diabetes or if you had nerve surgeries. Consuming alcohol with this drug can cause sedative effects.


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