As the name indicates, Moduretic is a diuretic, a water pill made with a combination of potassium sparing diuretic and thiazide diuretic which are also known as amiloride and hydrochlorothiazide respectively. The drug appears as a white crystalline powder that is slightly soluble in water.

Medical Uses

Moduretic can treat high blood pressure or hypertension, heart failures and fluid retention also known as edema. By lowering the high blood pressure strokes, heart attacks and kidney problems can be averted. It is either used alone or with other medications for treating various medical ailments. The pill works by making the kidneys to excrete excess sodium and water from the body which is very essential in lowering blood pressure.

Amiloride in Moduretic also helps to reduce the loss of potassium. While using this product, one may urinate excessively during the initial phase.

Dosage and Administration

Moduretic is available in the form of tablet and each tablet comprises of 5 mg of anhydrous amiloride HCL and 50 mg of hydrochlorothiazide. The tablet also comprises of certain inactive ingredients like calcium phosphate, lactose, magnesium stearate, starch, FD&C yellow 6 and guar gum.

This combination medication can be taken by mouth once or twice every day before or after having food. Taking this pill during bed time might make to urinate in the late night, so it is better to take it four hours ahead of sleep time. For more queries related to this drug, clarify the same with your healthcare professional without any hesitation. To receive maximum benefit from the drug, take it regularly and consume it at the same time each day so as to help one remember better.

Side Effects

This drug can cause dizziness and the condition can get worsened if alcohol is consumed during this time. The drug can easily get you sunburned. The drug can affect the blood sugar level in diabetes patients. Common side effects include changes in blood sugar, constipation, fatigue, loss of appetite, headache, dizziness, stomach ache, weakness, nausea. Severe allergic reactions due to this drug can range from hives, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, irregular heartbeat, problems while urinating, vomiting, impotence, excessive thirst, muscle cramps or yellowing of the skin or eyes.

Things you need to know about Moduretic

When using this medication, it is advisable to avoid alcohol as much as possible. If you consume food that has high salt content, you will not be able to experience the maximum benefits of this drug as lot of water is retained by the body due to too much of salt. You need to be very cautious while consuming salt substances that contains high potassium content in it as the medication has the ability to prevent loss of potassium from the body.

The drug makes you lose lot of liquid from the body therefore, do not dehydrate yourself too much. The drug can impact your ability to focus, so avoid driving and heavy machinery works.

Misuse of the drug and overusing the pill can result in severe drug interactions. Do not drink alcohol while taking this drug. Notify your physician if you are consuming any over the counter medication, prescription drugs or any other vitamin or herbal supplements so as to safely avert any chemical reactions.


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