Motrin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is approved by the FDA. This drug has ibuprofen as its main component and is used in the treatment of any condition that has inflammation as a symptom.

Motrin typically starts to work within an hour upon consumption. The mechanism of work is identical for both generic and brand versions. NSAIDs have long been used to treat inflammation and its related symptoms and till date more than 60% of people are known to benefit from pills under this category.

Medical Uses

Motrin is an appropriate medicine for menstrual cramps, tooth pain, arthritis pain, headache and minor injuries. Its mechanism of action is such that it works by limiting the function of hormones that cause inflammation. It is widely applicable for people of all different ages. But infants should be at least 6 months old to start treatment with this medicine.

Pain, swelling and discomfort are a common outcome of many medical conditions. In such cases, this medicine can come to rescue by alleviating such symptoms and reducing inflammation.

Dosing guide

The pill must be consumed as a whole and taken along with water or milk. Take it without deviating from the specified dosage.

Taking a higher dose of motrin will make you susceptible to fatal stomach or intestinal damage. The highest dosage limit for this medicine is 3200 mg per day taken in 4 intervals of 800 mg. This is an adult dose and dose adjustments must be made if the medicine is to be given for children. The dose for a child depends on his/her weight and age.

The liquid formulation of motrin must be shaken well and taken only with the measuring spoon provided with the packet. Using a different measuring spoon can easily cause an overdose of the medicine as it is in the liquid form.

Important safety information

Taking Motrin would increase the risk of heart related diseases. This is more common for people who take it for a longer period of time or in larger dosage strengths.

If you have a history of any heart disease, do not forget to share about this to a doctor. If you are going to undergo a heart surgery or if you have done a surgery few days back then do not commence the treatment with this medication.

When Motrin is taken, it would cause abdominal or intestinal bleeding.

Never take this medication, if you are allergic to the main ingredient in Motrin.

If you have already taken NSAID and have experienced any allergic reactions or asthmatic attacks, do not take this medication.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol or stroke, report to the doctor prior to using Motrin.

Not only this, consult a doctor if you have stomach ulcers, history of hepatic, renal problems, bleeding and blood clots.

A person who consumes alcohol or who smokes should inform a medical specialist about this habit.

If you are pregnant especially in the last trimester, you have to avoid taking motrin. The drug would affect the fetus when the mother consumes it. This is the same case for a nursing woman. So, avoid taking this medication when you are breast feeding a child. If you have any plans of becoming pregnant, inform about this to a doctor.

You should not give motrin pills to a child who is below the age of 2 unless a doctor has prescribed it.

Side Effects

This medicine has common side effects such as rash and heart burn. It was seen that this medicine has fewer side effects compared to other NSAID’s. But it increases the risk of heart attacks and liver failure. It is also harmful when motrin is used during final stages of pregnancy. Other side effects are worsened asthma, itching sensation and ringing in the ears.

Interactions with other drugs

Motrin might interact with drugs such as blood pressure medication, steroid medicine, lithium and blood thinners. If you are consuming any of these medications inform your doctor so he can check if it safe for you to consume this medicine.

It is always better to check with a health care professional whether you can take other medications along with Motrin or not before commencing any other treatments. If you want to take other drugs and it is very important then your doctor would alter the dosage strength of Motrin and would tell you when to take and how to take it safely. Not only medications, consumption of alcohol is also found to interact with the drug. So, during the therapy, do not consume even a smaller amount of alcohol.


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