Mycelex G

Mycelex-G is a medicine that used for vaginal infections. It basically prevents the fungus from growing by employing its active ingredient clotrimazole. This medicine comes in the form of a tablet as well as a skin cream.

Women who are suffering from vaginal infection for the first time must consult a doctor before taking Mycelex-G. That is because first time users need to know the proper ways to use this medicine, which can only be obtained after a consultation from a doctor.

Drug Data

Mycelex-G is classified as an azole antifungal and reduces the itching, burning or any other discomfort in the vaginal area.

It is used to treat different kinds vaginal yeast infections. But if the vaginal discharge is accompanied by a foul smell then one must consult a doctor because this can be a sign of more serious infection.

Mycelex-G only works for fungal infection and it is deemed ineffective for infection resulting from bacteria. People afflicted with diabetes, HIV, fever and abdominal pain must not use clotrimazole.


Follow the usage directions given on the information leaflet or as it is given by the doctor or a pharmacist. The vaginal skin cream must be applied in the area around and outside the vagina.

Thoroughly clean the area with soap and water. Dry completely before applying Mycelex-G cream. Wash your hands properly after applying the medicine.

Typically the cream must be applied twice a day for 4 weeks, to notice a significant difference. Even if the symptoms disappear after a while continue to use the medicine for the prescribed time duration.

Side effects

A common side effect that one using Mycelex-G cream might experience is mild stinging around the vagina. But not all people will experience side effects and some only face it to a minor extent in the beginning stages of using the pill.

Some severe side effects can be allergic reactions, peeling, burning or itching of skin, reddening of skin. These serious side effects must be reported promptly.

The side effects occur with the same magnitude for both brand and generic medicine. Many people might worry that since generic medicine does not have a brand guarantee they will have more side effects. This is not true for all the companies. Major generic companies also need to abide by the rules of FDA.

Relative Contraindications

Products that increase the risk of yeast infection in the vagina would interfere with the effectiveness of Mycelex-G. Such products include corticosteroids and certain antibiotics.

This medicine also interacts with certain drugs that suppress the immune system such as anti-HIV drugs. Hence try not to be a victim of drug interactions because some of them can even harm your life.


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