Taking Phentermine helps in suppressing appetite. It affects the nervous system and makes the user feel full even with less quantity of food thereby reducing the calorie intake. This drug can also be used by people who suffer from obesity and also have other health adversities such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other medical conditions.

Who should not be prescribed with this weight-loss medication?

The first step before taking Phentermine is to talk to a doctor. The drug is not for everyone. This drug should not be used by a person with heart diseases, brain related problems, thyroid problems, pregnancy, breast feeding, glaucoma, kidney problems, liver problems and people who have suffered from any drug abuse in the past. If your doctor approves the drug, you can avail the drug from any store with the prescription. Do not use this drug if you are pregnant or using any other diet drug. Weight loss pill usage during pregnancy might cause problems to a fetus.

Dosage information

It is important to use an authorized portal. An authorized portal will provide high-quality products and important information related to the drug. The drug can be taken with or without food. It should either be taken before food or within 2 hours after taking food. The disintegrating tablet version of the weight-loss medication should be allowed to disintegrate inside your mouth but not swallowed. Overdosing would not make you lose weight. It would cause problems that can at times become life threatening. It should not be consumed for more than a month. Stopping the drug can cause withdrawal symptoms. Thus, talk to a doctor about how to properly stop using the drug.

Taking Generic Version of the medication

Phentermine is the generic name of the drug. It is cheaper than brand products like Adipex, Oby-Cap, T-Diet, Suprenza, and others. If you choose a high-quality generic medicine which is approved by FDA, you can get the same effectiveness as a brand drug with a very low price tag. Learn about the product and manufacturer, before you start using a generic product.

Even the success rate of the generic version is quite high similar to the brand drug. People should choose generic variant of the drug only after clearly looking even at the inactive ingredients of the drug. This is because some people might suffer from allergic reactions due to inactive ingredients. Start taking generic drug to lose weight easily at a less rate.

Factors that determine the success rate when you start losing weight

Taking Phentermine based on your appropriate dosage strength would enable you to start losing weight at a faster rate. Ask your doctor about the best dose for you before commencing the therapy.

Food plays an important role in weight loss. Re-check the foods that you are consuming and avoid all high fat foods from it. The medication starts to work well if the person follows the strict healthy diet regime.

People can start losing weight very easily when the drug is combined with proper exercise schedule.

Take this medication for the correct duration to start losing weight.


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