Prazosin is the generic name of the brand drug Minipress. It is a sympatholytic (drug that can be used as antihypertensives to treat high Blood Pressure) drug. The medication belongs to a group of alpha adrenergic blockers (pharmacological agents that are used to treat hypertension, panic and anxiety disorders). Due to its effectiveness, the pill is also approved by FDA.

How it works?

The medication works by relaxing the muscles in the walls of blood vessel. This results in easy flow of blood throughout the body thus reducing a person’s blood pressure.

Prazosin is placed into the class of drugs known as antihypertensives. The blood pressure is automatically controlled due to the mechanism of this medication. The way it works as an alpha-blocker, the drug can also control the muscles that surround the urethra. This in turn helps people who have urinary problems and also enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The medication is especially useful for those who experience both hypertension and BPH simultaneously.

Medical Uses

Prazosin is majorly used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension), anxiety, panic disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which is a mental disorder experienced by a person upon sexual assault or any threatening events. When the pill is taken for a longer duration it is very effective in reducing blood pressure levels. The medication is also found to be powerful when it is used in the treatment of nightmares in children.

Dosage and Administration

Prazosin is available in the form of tablets and capsules. The dosage of the pill is based on the medical condition for which the pill is taken. The maximum recommended dosage is 20mg. It is better to take the pill before going to sleep to avoid the risk of falling down. To avoid complicated side effects it is necessary for an individual taking this pill to not discontinue its usage abruptly unless he is told otherwise by his physician.

General precautionary advice

Follow these general precautions to enjoy the safe use of Prazosin at any time:

The drug should be taken only in the dose prescribed and for the recommended duration.

The initial usage of Prazosin can make you feel light-headed and also certain mild side effects. Do not drive or operate any hazardous equipment unless you become till your body becomes used to this medication.

Continue to take the medication even if you feel normal as blood pressure does not have easily visible symptoms. Get the blood pressure checked on a regular basis.

Avoid increasing or doubling the dose without the physician’s consent.

Elderly people should be extra cautious in ensuring that they take only the exact dose prescribed as the risk of developing side effects is higher.

There is really no restriction on drinking alcohol but it is advised to check with your healthcare provider before doing so.

During the treatment if you become pregnant, inform the doctor immediately for the dose or drug itself may then be modified accordingly.

Side Effects

Side effects that happen while taking Prazosin are nasal congestion, Depression, orthostatic hypotension (very low blood pressure that happens when a person stands or stretches suddenly) and syncope (fainting).

The pill causes severe side effects when it is not taken in the way it has been prescribed. This is very important as the physician prescribes the right dosage of the pill to avoid side effects from happening.

Interaction with other drugs

Drug interactions usually happen when the activity of this drug is disturbed by the other. Some of the drugs that interact with this drug are beta blockers, muscle relaxants, anti-anxiety drugs like alprazolam, zolpidem and diazepam, and drugs that are taken to treat seizures. One should be careful before taking any of these drugs together with Prazosin.


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