Rhinocort Aqua

Product Description

Rhinocort Aqua is a medicine that is used to treat symptoms related to allergies that occur occasionally on a seasonal basis and allergies that occur year round. It was manufactured by the company AstraZeneca plc. and is made in the form of a nasal spray. It contains budesonide at its prime component, which belongs to the class of corticosteroids. The way it works is that it relaxes the breathing by soothing and reducing the swelling in the nasal airway passage.

Medical uses of Rhinocort

It is used for preventing all types of allergies in adults and children. Although in other countries, its use is restricted to treating allergies, in Canada it can also be used to treat any growths that develop in the nose after a surgery. At times, it is also used to prevent the growths from coming back. Using the medicine properly is important to get the best effect from the medicine. Other nasal symptoms that this pill treats include sneezing, runny nose and congestion. But before using this medicine one must indicate to their doctor if they have any infection of any sort.

Dosage and Administration

The nasal spray must be used by the shaking the bottle once and spraying the content inside one nostril at a time. One spray on both nostrils equates to 64 mcg dose of rhinocort aqua 32 mcg. Patients whose degree of allergies are much higher and need a stronger dose can take a maximum dosage of up to 256 mcg per day which means a maximum of 4 sprays per nostril. But dose adjustments can only be made after checking with your physician. It usually takes 1 to 2 days to see improvement with this medicine. The maximum effect however can be seen in 2 weeks.

What to do in case of missing a dose and overdose?

Take the missed dose as soon as you remember to do so. If it is closer to the time for the next scheduled dose, then skip the missed dose completely. Avoid taking two doses at the same time just to make up for the missed dose. In case you feel that you have overdosed on Rhinocort Aqua, then seek medical attention immediately. There are no life-threatening overdose symptoms with this nasal spray but prolonged use can cause symptoms like impotence, menstruation problems, thinning skin, changes in the shape or location of body fat, facial acne, and lack of interest in sex.

Side effects of Rhinocort

There are some common side effects that happen in the initial stages of using the pill. These include sore throat, sores or patches around the nose, irritation in the nose and itching or irritation of the throat. These side effects usually subside after the using the medicine for a short while. Some serious side effects occur on a rare basis, but if they do occur, they need to get immediate medical attention. These serious side effects include allergic reactions, weight loss, blurred vision, trouble breathing and continuous nose bleed.

What drugs interact with Rhinocort Aqua?

This medicine interacts with the following medicine and hence you should be careful before taking it with them:

  • Anti-depressants that fall under the category of SSRI – Some of these anti-depressants include Prozac, Paxil and Luvox
  • Some medication that treat HIV
  • Certain antibiotics


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