Rumalaya is a 100% natural medication with a potential to treat pain endured in joints and bone. The three formulations are tablets, capsules and gel. Its major ingredients are plants and herbs.

Rumalaya contains drumstick as the primary ingredient and certain other natural herbs that has enormous healing potential when mixed in the blood stream.

The quantity of tablets or capsules in one single pack is 60 in number.


Rumalaya is most specifically used for treating joint pain, given its phytopharmaceutical formulation of natural ingredients. It works by modulating the response triggered to pain and aches. Depending upon pain, the formulation varies to a greater extent.

Rumalaya is highly effective treating arthritis. It is known to offer solid pain relief from Osteoarthritis, Frozen shoulder, Rheumatoid arthritis, Rheumatic arthritis, Cervical and lumbar spondylosis as it exhibits strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Rumalaya can also treat certain traumatic inflammatory ailments like capsulitis, fibrositis, sciatica, myositis and tenosynovitis.


Rumalaya tablets should be taken once or twice on a daily basis. The frequency depends on the intensity of pain symptoms. According to the usage instructions offered by the manufacturers of the pill, the medication should be administered along with food.

Side Effects

Side effects caused by the use of Rumalaya are not that adverse in nature. Indeed, it is only minor proportion of the population that gets affected by adverse effects of the medicine. It causes skin rashes at certain instances. And, this nature of adverse effect is mostly endured by those who use the topical variant of the medicine. The probability of side effects is very low when the medicine is taken as instructed in the prescription.

In order to stay protected from side effects, do not overdose on Rumalaya. Monitor the intensity of side effects for a brief period of time. Individuals experiencing any abnormal effect should immediately get in touch with the doctor.

Drug Interactions

Rumalaya doesn’t interact much with other drugs. However, abstain from administering other medicines of the same category so as to minimize the risk of interaction.

Don’t give in to the misconception of co-administering Rumalaya with other pills for enhancing the effectiveness.


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