Shallaki is an herbal supplement product that is manufactured by The Himalayan Drug Company. It is a powerful supplement that can be used for various types of pain. It contains the active ingredient Boswellia serrata that supports the treatment of different types of joint pain. Each tablet contains 125 mg of this active ingredient. It is a completely natural product and does not contain any chemicals or artificial flavors. It is also declared to be preservative free by the manufacturers.


Shallaki is used for getting pain relief from pain developed as a result of osteoarthritis, pain in the joints that occur in older people generally in ladies after menopause and moderate to chronic back pain. Shallaki works by promoting the release of certain enzymes that are responsible for reducing the inflammation and pain in the joints. In this way the prominent arthritis medicine will help improve the functionality of joints.

Shallaki is highly effective in preventing the wear and tear of joints which happens due to excess use. Wear and tear of joints is very commonly visible in older people who have been physically active during their young age.


For arthritis, Shallaki can be taken along with water twice a day. 1-2 tablets can be taken for each interval. But the tablet must be consumed as a whole and should not be crushed. Take the medicine exactly as it was directed by your doctor. Never take the medicine for a time that is longer than your course duration.

Taking a higher dose of Shallaki will not provide more effect rather it will just cause an overdose of the medicine. Overdosing on this medicine might not result in any obvious symptoms but it is still better to consult a doctor incase an overdose is suspected.

Side effects

Shallaki is a 100% vegetarian product made of natural materials. Hence no side effects have been recorded either by clinical studies or by people who have used the pill regularly. Moreover, the medicine is even gentle on the stomach and does not result in any gastrointestinal problems or stomach irritation which happens with other anti-inflammatory drugs. But if you notice any unusual changes in your body, contact a doctor immediately.

Safety information

Shallaki is not identified to interact with any other prescription or non-prescription drugs. Even though there are drug interactions, the medicine might be interacting with other medical conditions such as pregnancy, hypertension, diabetes and nursing mothers.

Letting your doctor know about the medicines you take before getting Shallaki prescribed prevents the risk of unwanted side effects.


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