Symmetrel, known by the trade name Amantadine, is drug that is used in treating flu symptoms and in managing Parkinson’s disease. The drug has a biological half-life of about ten to thirty hours.

As a Parkinson’s medication, the drug works by enhancing the release of dopamine and inhibiting the dopamine reuptake.

As a flu drug, Amantadine’s exact mechanism of action is not clear but it is assumed to prevent the viral cells from multiplying. The dosage depends on the condition that is being treated and the severity of the problem.

Important information

Parkinson’s patients have a decline in motor functions and taking this drug is like a stimulant for the condition. The antiviral pills may also be used to treat flu symptoms.

The drug has also displayed efficacy in patients with multiple sclerosis and improved by elevating fatigue. One can take Symmetrel after knowing the correct dosage and course duration from the prescribing physician.

Symmetrel may also be used in treating conditions for which the symptoms can be eased with this medication.


Once the patient is able to get prescribed Symmetrel, the drug should be taken exactly as indicated on the product label and as advised by the prescribing physician.

The patient should not change the dosage or discontinue taking the drug before the entire course is over even if the symptoms have improved as doing so will not cure the flu completely.

For Parkinson’s disease, the Symmetrel dose may be modified from time to time in order to get maximum effectiveness from taking the medication.

The drug can treat viral symptoms only and cannot be used for curing bacterial infections. The scheduled dose should not be missed or skipped for maximum drug efficacy.

Side effects

A few mild side effects that may usually occur are

  • nausea,
  • sleeping troubles,
  • dizziness.

If you experience the below mentioned severe adverse reactions seek emergency medical help immediately.

  • hallucinations,
  • trouble breathing,
  • swelling in the hands and feet,
  • depression,
  • seizures,
  • conditions related to the central nervous system,

The drug is not safe for use in persons who have any major illness with symptoms similar to the side effects of the drug. Taking Amantadine should never be done without a proper physical evaluation.

Relative Contraindications

Since Symmetrel works like a stimulant, other medications with similar stimulant properties should not be taken along with this antiviral drug.

Drinking alcohol while taking Symmetrel drug can increase the risk of side effects. One should also avoid performing any activities that may require complete concentration or using motor functions to operate hazardous machinery.

There may be other drugs that may interact dangerously with Symmetrel, which can be avoided by informing the healthcare provider on every drug being taken.


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