Torsemide belongs to a class of medications called diuretics and hence is known as a water pill which makes a person to excrete more urine. This is a prescription drug which is available in the brand form with name Demadex.

Torsemide was approved by the Food and Drugs administration in the year1993. This med is available in the form of tablets and can be taken upon doctor’s recommendation.

Medical Uses

Torsemide is used to treat the excess fluid in the body that could be caused due to various medical conditions like liver disease, kidney disease or due to failure of the heart. It is also used to treat high blood pressure along with other medicines.

Torsemide works by allowing the kidney to excrete excess amounts of electrolytes especially the sodium and potassium salts and extra fluid in the body known as edema including water. This can minimize certain symptoms like shortness of breath and swelling in the arms, legs and abdomen.

Dosage and Administration

Torsemide can be taken by mouth as it is insisted for oral administration while having food or without food.

Do not take Torsemide within four hours to your bed time so as to prevent oneself from urinating frequently or can be taken before 6 pm.

The dosage of Torsemide depends upon individual’s age and response to the medication. The dosage however should not be increased or decreased or taken more than recommended time period.

Do not take two doses of Torsemide at once. The standard recommended dose for fluid retention ranges from 5-20 mg. The ideal dosage for high blood pressure is 5 mg.

Precautionary advice

  • Torsemide medication is not safe for patients who have experienced kidney failures, liver problems or gout.
  • People who are not able to urinate or suffer from any urinary complications should not take Torsemide.
  • Usage of Torsemide would lower the potassium level in the body. So, you have to take potassium rich foods or supplements to compensate it.
  • Consulting a doctor is a must if you are pregnant, nursing a baby or attempting to become pregnant.
  • Torsemide would change the blood sugar level in the especially for diabetes patients. So, ask your doctor on how to take this drug safely along with diabetes medication.

Side effects

People may experience frequent urination, cough, and ringing sound in the ears, cough, headache, excessive thirst and weakness while on Torsemide. One could also suffer from orthostatic hypotension where the drug causes low blood pressure and the person feels dizzy and lightheaded.

Certain severe side effects of Torsemide comprises of chest pain, gastrointestinal bleeding, dehydration, fainting, rectal bleeding, allergic reactions, skin reactions, decrease in white blood cells and platelets.

Interactions with other drugs

Govern the amount of sodium and potassium intake while taking Torsemide and adopt suitable changes in your diet.

Torsemide could interact with other herbs or vitamins you might be taking. Using alcohol can increase the risk of low blood pressure.

Talk to your doctor if you wanted to take alcohol with Torsemide. Inform your physician if you are taking any other medical course or if you are allergic to the ingredients of this pill so as to safely prevent drug interactions.


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