Viread is the trade name for the antiretroviral drug Tenofovir. The prescription only drug is an adenosine nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), and works by suppressing the viral reproduction of the HIV strain.

The drug may be prescribed for both children and adults as part of the therapy for HIV infections and for chronic Hepatitis B. The Viread antiretroviral drug prevents the viral strain from replicating itself, thereby reducing the symptoms of the infection. Tenofovir has a biological half-life of about seventeen hours.

Important information

Medical researchers have found that taking Viread on a regular basis can reduce the risk of viral transmission, especially in those who are at higher risk of being infected with HIV due to their profession or health conditions.

Viread drug cannot cure the disease completely but can help to manage it efficiently. This is important in improving the quality of life for HIV infected persons. Prolonged or chronic Hepatitis B is also managed by taking this drug, which is prescribed for patients aged twelve or older.


After the patient is able to get prescribed Viread, it should be taken exactly as indicated by the prescribing physician and according to the directions on the medication label. The dosage is calculated according to weight and age of the person, due to which the dose shouldn’t be changed without the doctor’s consent.

It is important to take Viread at the same time every day, either with or without food, to ensure that its efficacy remains unchanged. Monitor continuously for any changes in weight and get blood tested periodically for any complications.

Side effects

Viread may have severe adverse effects on people with problems in the kidneys, liver or bone density, and they should disclose the same to the medical practitioner.

Commonly displayed mild side effects include

  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • stomach troubles,
  • weakness,
  • Depression,
  • sleep troubles.

In case of moderate to severe symptoms like developing a new infection, weight loss, liver related problems and such, get medical assistance immediately.

Persons who are allergic to the active ingredient Tenofovir should not take the pills. Pregnant women, should consult with the doctor about the drug safety as it can help prevent passing the HIV infection to the developing fetus.

Relative Contraindications

Taking Viread can lead to certain side effects, due to accumulation of certain ingredients in the kidneys and liver. These may become further aggravated if the drug is combined with similar antiretroviral pills or Antibiotics that pose higher harmful effects on the kidneys or the liver.

Every single drug being taken should be disclosed to the doctor, including herbal supplements, Arthritismedications and over the counter pills, as dangerous interactions can occur.

The intake of certain pills can also reduce the efficacy of Tenofovir, which can be avoided by intimating the healthcare provider with the complete medical history.


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