Zaditor is an antihistamine drug and mast cell stabilizer comprising of ketotifen as the chief ingredient which is also its generic name. It is indeed a temporary prevention of itching of the eye that could be due to allergies. Ketotifen fumarate is a fine crystalline powder. As it is available as an over the counter medication, no prescription is required to avail this product.

Medical Uses

Zaditor is used for the treatment and prevention of itching of the eyes that could be caused due to allergies or seasonal conjunctivitis. Ketotifen treats allergic symptoms of the eyes by blocking certain natural substance called histamine and hence is known as antihistamine.

It also reduces the release of certain natural substances that can cause an allergic reaction in the eyes. When it is used for eyes, one can expect fast and effective relief from infections or itching. Just one drop of Zaditor is strong enough to last up to twelve hours.

Dosage and Administration

One can apply one droplet to the infected eye usually two times each day or use it as directed by the doctor. Zaditor eye drops should be applied for the eyes every eight to twelve hours.

It is important to wash the hands thoroughly before using Zaditor eye drops. Do not touch the tip of the dropper in order to avoid contamination.

Dosage however depends upon one’s age, and infection of the eye. In case of using over the counter product, read the instruction label carefully before using. Check with your doctor if contact lens can be used while being treated with Zaditor and if it can be used, wait for at least ten minutes to wear on the lenses after you have applied eye drops.

Precautionary Advice

We have listed few precautions that are to be taken before and while on the treatment with Zaditor. Follow it to commence the therapy in a safe way.

  • Consult your health care professional if you are planning to become pregnant or pregnant or nursing a baby.
  • If you are already taking any prescription, non-prescription or any herbal drugs, tell about this to your doctor. In case, you need to take any medication while on the therapy, you have to consult with a medical specialist before using it.

Side effects

Some people might experience common side effects like redness of the eyes, eyelid swelling, eye pain, eye infections, changes in vision, itching over the eyes, shivering, trouble in sleeping, headache, loss of appetite, sore throat, weakness, sweating and joint pain while on Zaditor. These effects would go off within few minutes so it is not required to be worried.

There are certain severe side effects like muscle spasm, convulsions, burning or painful urination, sudden loss of consciousness and clay-colored stools. It is necessary to inform the treating medical professional about the severe side effects and avert complicated issues.

Things you need to know about Zaditor

If you experience any allergy symptoms to any of the ingredients of this liquid medicine, stop using it and inform your health care professional immediately.

If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant or even if you are a breast feeding mother, resist from using this medicine as it could cause unwanted health complications. Speak to your doctor about this and use Zaditor exactly as advised so as to avoid unnecessary drug interactions.


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