The Nuts and Bolts Of Morris, Minnesota

The typical household size in Morris, MN is 3.14 residential members, with 58.6% owning their own residences. The average home cost is $167901. For those people renting, they spend on average $760 monthly. 58.2% of families have dual sources of income, and a typical household income of $50779. Average income is $22131. 17.7% of citizens are living at or below the poverty line, and 11.7% are disabled. 3.7% of citizens are veterans associated with the armed forces of the United States.

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Morris, Minnesota is found in Stevens county, and includes a populace of 5333, and is part of the higher metro region. The median age is 31.4, with 10% of this populace under ten years old, 15.3% are between 10-nineteen years of age, 23% of residents in their 20’s, 10.7% in their thirties, 8.5% in their 40’s, 9.8% in their 50’s, 9.1% in their 60’s, 5.5% in their 70’s, and 8.2% age 80 or older. 46% of citizens are men, 54% women. 43.9% of residents are recorded as married married, with 5.2% divorced and 43.7% never married. The percent of women and men recognized as widowed is 7.2%.